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Order Process

Order To Delivery Process

This is a simple guide to placing an order with Audi Leasing UK and the process quoting until you take delivery of your new vehicle. If you have any questions at all regarding this please contact us on

STEP 1 : Choose your vehicle

Audi Leasing UK can provide any variation on any vehicle and quote for any additional accessories you may require.

STEP 2 : Establish a credit line

A credit line will need to be established before any order can be placed. Please follow this link to our online application form.

STEP 3 : Read the data protection statement

In carrying out credit checks we will register your name and address, but nothing else about you, with a licensed credit reference agency. A record of the search will kept by the agency, the finance house and Audi Leasing UK.

STEP 4 : Place your order with Audi Leasing UK

Audi Leasing UK will email or fax you a vehicle order form.  This form details the exact make and model, interior and exterior colour and, any additional specification to the vehicle.  All we ask you to do is sign the order form and fax, post or email it back to Audi Leasing UK to confirm your acceptance of the rental quoted.

STEP 5 : Order is placed with a dealer

Audi Leasing UK will place an order with a dealer on your behalf. Our dealer network offers a very high level of service standard and we would prefer to use our own approved network but will use others.

STEP 6 : Sign your documents

A Direct debit form and a contractual finance agreement will need to be signed confirming the terms of the arrangement.

STEP 7 : Delivery

Delivery is made nationwide by Audi Leasing UK or our dealership network for no additional cost.

To order simply call our team on 01782 590 440

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